• • How can we place an order?

    In each section, by clicking on the icon to contact the expert, after receiving advice, you can place your order.

  • •How is advertisement executed?

    Our advertisements are widely distributed (in Telegram and Instagram pages in the country) and in general, we are connected with more than 1000 Telegram channels and Instagram pages, which we run your advertisements according to the amount of requests.

  • • What platforms do you have for advertising?

    Extensive advertisements in Telegram, Rubika, Soroush, Eeta and Instagram advertisements (content and influencer pages) are a part of the advertising capacity of this agency.

  • • What are the tariffs for Telegram advertisements?

    We calculate advertising tariff on a visit basis (each K equals one thousand visits). Each K public visit is 3000 toman, and each K VIP visit is 3500.

  • • What are the tariffs for Instagram advertisements?

    Story and post ads on Instagram as visits or reservations, as well as a combination of both. The cost of each visit varies between 6 to 10 thousand tomans, and this tariff depends on the quality of the executive pages. V.P.P and stroy advertising will be counted according to requests.

  • • How is advertising on local messengers?

    Activities in local messengers are done in the form of mass advertisements. Public execution in Rubika 3,500 Tomans per K with a capacity of 4 million daily visits and the minimum order is 500 K. Public execution in Eitaa and Soroush 4000 per K and the minimum order is 300 K.

  • • How many hours will it take to complete one million visits?

    In general, extensive advertising between 8 to 12 hours is done in a packed and vast process. Usually, one million visits will take 8 to 12 hours that differs based on day and time.

  • • How many channels will each advertisement be posted on?

    The number of channels depends on the number of views and the type of channels you order.

  • • How many ads can I order?

    Advertising is done extensively and vast, therefore with one request a minimum display of 500 K views and a maximum of 5 million views per day, we can provide the advertising that costumers need.

  • • How to know in which channels the ads have been run?

    During the run, a full report of the channels that your ads are posted; (As a post link) will be sent to you to check and be informed momentarily during the run.

  • • Do you guarantee ads feedback?

    In the extensive run, if you trust your ad to a professional and experienced team, you will be guaranteed that they fulfill all of their obligations. But generally, no corporation in the virtual world can guarantee feedback on this line of work before the run.

  • • What is the process of identification and why is it needed?

    If your business is registered and you have certification, an image of business license is sufficient and if you do not have a business license, identification is required via the FETA protocol (Sending a selfie video of the person applying for advertising, with name and surname, business name, contact number, national number by sending the image of the national card and the credit card which all the expenses have been paid.

  • • Can we do the advertising by ourselves?

    Acquiring credibility and communication with media managers will take many years of experience and requires companies to build trust and credibility. In addition, wide advertising is carried out in large volumes, and the coordination of this number of pages or channels requires a professional and active team, which Bamatop group provides this option for you. In addition, the adept marketing team of Bamatop will guide you to reach your goals with the desired advice. They will present you with the most suitable prices and more economical time and volume of advertising.

  • • In which channels are the advertisement posted?

    Advertisements will run between the channels of your preferred category according to the requested number of visits, and if you want to choose the channels, the tariff will be calculated as a reservation.

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