Local messengers

Advertisements of Rubika, Soroush, and EITAA

Advertisements of Rubika, Soroush, and EITAA

Advertising in Local messengers has advantages over foreign messengers, which we will talk about in this article. Advertising on social networks has increased dramatically in recent years and is growing. Advertising on social networks is so effective that we can say that it is a good substitute for TV advertising. But between communication and social networks, we have to choose the most effective one. 

Now we will give you some reasons to convince you why you should advertise on local messengers and what are the advantages of these networks over foreign messengers.

Efficient traffic

The data usage of the Internet in local messengers is usually either very low or completely free, which is an important factor.

Client trust

Due to the numerous scams in foreign messengers and futile system on complaints, the clients trust the advertisements of local messengers more and will be persuaded to buy and use your services

Interact with viewers

Local messengers like Rubika and Soroush have a liking system, which creates an interactive environment with the user. It also allows you to interact with your customer! In most of these messengers, you can even talk to your customer visually, which is very effective.

Safe investment

For large businesses that exist in virtual networks, operating in local platforms is considered to be a safe and permanent investment. Another service of this organization is advertising in local messengers.

National production

For large businesses that exist in virtual networks, operating in local platforms is considered to be a safe and permanent investment. Another service of this organization is advertising in local messengers.

This section answers frequently asked questions by users. If you have a question before buying and the answer is not available in the following section, you can ask it from our consultants in Telegram and Instagram.

  • • How can we place an order?

    In each section, by clicking on the icon to contact the expert, after receiving advice, you can place an order.

  • • How is advertising in local messengers?

    Advertising in local messengers is done extensively and massively.

  • • How much does advertising in local messengers cost?

    Public run in Rubika is 3,500 Tomans for each K with a capacity of 4 million daily views and the minimum order is 500 K. Public run in EITAA and Soroush is 4,000 Tomans for each K and the minimum order is 300 K.

  • • How many hours will take the order to complete one million visits?

    Basically, extensive advertising between 8 to 12 hours is done compactly and massively. It usually takes one million views in the same time limit, which may differ depending on the day and time of the run.

  • • How many ads can I order?

    Advertising is done extensively and massively, therefore in your one request; Minimum run in Rubika 500 K and maximum up to 5 million and in EITAA and Soroush Minimum 300 K and maximum 1 million on a daily request.

  • • How do we know in which channels the ads have been run?

    During the run, a full report of the channels that post your ads; (As a channel tag) will be sent to you to check and instantly know about the process of advertising. If you request, at the end of the run, a screenshot of the run channels will be sent to you.

  • • How many channels will each ad be posted on?

    The number of channels depends on the number of views and the type of channels you ordered.

  • • Do you guarantee feedback?

    In an extensive run of advertising; If you trust your ads to a professional and experienced team; You will be guaranteed that the team fulfills all of their obligations toward the run. But generally, no virtual network broadcaster guarantees feedback on this line of work before the run.

  • • What is the process of identification, and why is it needed?

    If your business is registered and you have certification, an image of business license is sufficient and if you do not have a business license, identification is required via the FETA protocol (Sending a selfie video of the person applying for advertising, with name and surname, business name, contact number, national number by sending the image of the national card and the credit card which all the expenses have been paid.

  • • Can we do the advertising by ourselves?

    Acquiring credibility and communication with media managers will take many years of experience and requires companies to build trust and credibility. In addition, vast advertising is carried out in large volumes, and the coordination of this number of pages or channels requires a professional and active team, which Bamatop group provides this option for you. In addition, the adept marketing team of Bamatop will guide you to reach your goals with the desired advice and will present you with the most suitable prices and more economical time and volume of advertising.

  • • In which channels are the advertisement posted?

    Advertisements will run between the channels of your preferred category according to the requested number of visits, and if you want to choose the channels, the tariff will be calculated as a reservation.